Yahoo’s Methods for Tracking Users | Veterans Email Program

Yahoo tracks customers using various methods, including tracking pixels, data collection and use practices, and technical identifiers. Here’s a brief overview of each method:

  1. Yahoo Tracking Pixels:

    • Yahoo allows the inclusion of up to three third-party impression tracking pixels in an email. These pixels can be image tags or Javascript tags. When the recipient opens the email, the tracking pixel loads, allowing the sender to see when the email was opened and potentially gather information about the recipient’s online behavior[1].
  2. Yahoo Data Collection and Use Practices:

    • Yahoo collects information when users access content, advertising, sites, interactive widgets, applications, and other products where Yahoo data collection technologies (such as web beacons, development tools, cookies, and other technologies) are present. This information helps Yahoo understand users’ activity on and off their services and allows them to collect and store information when users interact with services offered to partners[2].
  3. Yahoo Technical Identifiers:

    • Yahoo uses cookies, device identifiers, and similar technologies to support their services, such as applying user preferences, providing more customized experiences, and associating users, devices, and accounts with each other or with those in a similar location, such as in a household[3]. These technologies help maintain user settings, authenticate user identity, and provide personalized content and advertising.

By using these tracking methods, Yahoo can gather information about users’ online behavior, preferences, and interactions, which can be used for targeted advertising, improving their services, and potentially sharing with third-party partners[2].





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