How to Use the Your Veteran Email Address to Get Interviews 

Veteran ID Email Resume

Would you carry an empty magazine into combat? In the same way, why would you take up highly-valuable space at the top of your resume with a meaningless email address that communicates no valuable information about you? Especially when you can use that space to communicate the most compelling part of your experience. You are a Veteran, not a google or yahoo. Add ammo to your resume at no cost. 

When your email address, at the top of your resume, says “I am a Veteran” in the form of YourName@USArmy.Vet or @USNavy.Vet, @USAirForce.Vet, @USMarineCorps.Vet, @USCoastGuard.Vet, @USSpace.Force.Vet, you are using that valuable real estate to maximum advantage – and setting yourself apart from all of the other applicants.

We provide complimentary full-featured, unlimited email addresses and hosting to Veterans for use on resumes and everywhere else.

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