Veterans Helping Veterans
The Veterans Email Program is a complimentary service developed by Veterans to let Veterans easily identify their status to other Veterans and those who support Veterans. The email address happens to be an unused resource in our communications that can carry critical information about us. The Veteran ID Email Address instantly announces you as a Veteran to recipient of your note. Veterans want to help Veterans, as do countless patriots across the country. Share your status through your Veteran status with them and begin the conversation.

You are a Veteran, you are not Generic
We have become so accustomed to free email accounts we no longer see the opportunities an email address gives us. Generic emails don’t say anything about you except that you are like everyone else. Everyone has a username. Everyone is @gmail or @yahoo. Everyone ignores each other’s email addresses. We are all generic. However, our email address can carry powerful information about us that opens doors and begins comfortable conversations. Your email address can say, “I am a U. S. Army Veteran,” or “I am a U. S. Marine Corps Veteran.” 

Veterans Email Program Standard Email Framework
The Veterans Email Program creates a framework for standard Veteran email addresses across all branches of the service; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Space Force.

Veteran Identity Email Addresses
Veteran Identity Email Addresses are a consistent Title structure for the broad network of Veteran organizations. Your Veteran email address provides clear information about who you are and establishes a common background with others for meaningful conversations.

  • Get your Veteran status at the very top of your resume.
  • Stop being generic. You are a Veteran, not a gmail or a yahoo
  • Tactfully announce yourself as a Veteran and gain access where others are ignored.
  • Proudly identify as a Veteran with every email.
  • Disconnect your email from big-tech’s tracking.

Activate Your Address
Activating your Veteran email address has several steps.

  1. Choose a username. Input your choice of username to precede your branch of service extension. For instance, you may choose their name such as John.Smith@  or even Tom@. Names can be nearly whatever a you choose including names like TreadHead@, Gunny@, C141Driver@ etc..
    • Username choices are plentiful. Since there are a limited number of users for these email addresses, uesernames will not have to be obscure or have a bunch of numbers added to them like the crowded generic email account providers.
    • Usernames are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis per service, but the shorter ones will certainly go quickly.
  2. Verify Veteran Status. We protect the Veteran status the way you want us to. Not everyone qualifies. Maintaining the integrity of the Veteran Email System is imperative, therefore verifying your identity as a Veteran is non-negotiable. During checkout you are asked to upload an official military document such as a DD214, discharge orders or Military ID Card. Any official document will be considered. The document must include your full name and branch of service. You can black out your SSN, address and any other personally identifying information.
    • If you are associated with a Veterans Email Program partner, you may have the option of uploading a simple verification form provided by the partner.
  3. Manual Verification. Every application is manually verified. We look at every uploaded document and compare it with the application and other third-party sources.
  4. Manual Account Set up. Once approved, we manually set up your account. Each email is a custom email and not the product of an automatic system.
  5. Email Setup Link to You. After your account is set up in our system, we will send you a link to instructions for you to set up your password and configure your account on any device you like. You can set up to receive your email anywhere you like; online; your phone and computer. Your email is compatible with all major browsers and native Android and IOS apps.
  6. Setup on your devices is extremely easy, usually only requiring your email address and password. The other settings are usually automatically configured.
  7. Start enjoying your new Veteran email account.
    • Login and engage with your email the way you always have.
    • Forward your old account. If you have a previous email, it is usually very easy to have all of those emails forwarded to your new email so you never miss a note.
    • Combine accounts. Quite often, email readers will allow you to have multiple accounts feed into one inbox.

Account Specifications
– Very Easy Setup 
– Compatible with all major browsers and native Android and IOS apps
– Secure platform provided by
– 99.9% Uptime commitment by host with zero data loss
– No Tracking. We have no desire or capacity to track your use of your account. You’ll never get product suggestions in online adds based on the email you just sent.
– Upgraded Anti-Spoofing Filter. We have an anti-spoofing filter that keeps your email account safe from people trying to pose as you by using your email address.
– Customizable Spam Filter. We have set a threshold for the identification and deletion of Spam emails, however, you have the ability to set your thresholds wherever you like. You can even add whitelists and blacklists to further customize your Spam filter.
15G Email Storage. You can send, receive and save as much email as you wish.
– Autoresponders and Email Forwarders. You can use autoresponders to send customized messages to people who email you and/or you can forward your email to another email address as you wish.