Specifics of Google Tracking | Veterans Email Program

Google tracks customers in various ways, including through their use of Google services, apps, and devices. Some specific tracking methods include:

  1. Email tracking: Google can track users’ behavior in Gmail, such as when they open an email, what device they use, and their approximate location[1]. This information can be used for targeted advertising and to improve Google services. (The Veterans Email Program has no tracking)
  2. Location tracking: Google collects location data from users’ devices, even when they have opted out of sharing their location history[2]. This data can be used to provide personalized services, such as location-based search results and recommendations.
  3. Web activity tracking: Google tracks users’ web browsing activities, including the websites they visit and the search queries they enter[3]. This information can be used to personalize search results, ads, and other content.
  4. App usage tracking: Google collects data on users’ interactions with apps, such as which apps they use, how often they use them, and how they interact with app features[4]. This data can be used to improve app functionality and provide personalized recommendations.
  5. Device tracking: Google collects information about users’ devices, such as device type, operating system, and unique identifiers[5]. This data can be used to provide personalized services and improve device compatibility.

These tracking methods can raise privacy concerns and potentially lead to negative consequences, such as privacy invasion and security risks[1][4]. For example, email tracking can be exploited by malicious actors or used by companies to build detailed profiles of users without their consent[1]. Additionally, location tracking can be used to track users’ movements, even when they have opted out of sharing their location history[2].


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Veteran Email ProgramThe Veterans Email Program provides free, full-featured email addresses to active-duty and military veterans of the United States. The Veterans Email Program performs no tracking. Your Veteran Email Address represents the branch in which you served; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or Space Force with a .Vet (Veteran) extension.